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The Seudre, the smallest river in France

The Seudre, the smallest river in France

Man has shaped the fantastic scenery along the Seudre. Arvert, the beautiful village of Mornac-sur-Seudre and Saujon, are all popular holiday destinations in the heart of the oyster basin.

A land of oyster farming, the Seudre is a puzzle of colours, tastes and scents.

A vast marsh lagoon facing the island of Oléron, the Seudre estuary attracts many tourists. Discover the calmness and charm of the surrounding towns and villages. The salt marshes which were once cultivated, have now been desalinated to house the oysters. You will discover beautiful landscapes shaped by oyster farmers and salt workers.

To move from one bank to the other, you have the choice between the bridge and a ferry boat, which is much quieter.

On the right bank, you can discover Marennes, the oyster capital. Visit villages where there were formerly salt marshes such as Saint-Just-Luzac, Saint-Sornin, Port Paradis, or "La Cayenne" the iconic site of oyster cultivation with the City of Oysters.

On the left bank, discover the village of La Tremblade, where life has always centred on maritime activities. Let yourself be transported by the train "La Coquille Filante" and discover the activities related to oyster farming, including strikes, cabins and markets.

Holidays around the Seudre, to romp and breathe.

The programme of activities includes going on walks and taking the time to visit the heart of the region's rich oyster beds either on foot or by bicycle.

Right bank: 47 km route. Departure from the Marennes marina and arrival at Gua. Left Bank: 30 km course. Departure from Chenal de l’Atelier at in La Tremblade and arrival at the port of Mornac-sur-Seudre.

Every year in August, "the rise of the Seudre" is organized in Etaules, l’Eguille-sur-Seudre and La Tremblade. Hiking, biking, horseback riding and water sports are offered throughout the summer. Take a stroll to take in beautiful sights, such as the City of Oysters, the Oyster Museum, the Moulin des Loges (the only tide mill still in operation). You can complete your trip by visiting natural sites that will give you a sense of real freedom.

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