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Discover the Marais Poitevin, the "Green Venice"

The Marais Poitevin is considered a Regional Nature Park and is a unique attraction in Europe.

The Marais Poitevin spans three departments: the Vendée, Deux-Sèvres and Charente-Maritime. The "Green Venice" as it's known, is one of those special places, which are out of time, where everything goes more slowly.

Discover the different landscapes that make up the Marais Poitevin and be surprised by their diversity.

To the west, you will discover the Sèvre estuary, which opens into the Bay of Aiguillon. This place is a stopover for thousands of migratory birds that come to rest on the salt marshes or the exposed mudflats.

Close to the Atlantic Ocean, the "drained marshes" are large areas protected from tides and flood waters by encircling dams. They have wide open landscapes where trees are scarce. Between the limestone hills and the drained marshes, you can discover the "wet marshes" that correspond to the flood plains of major rivers, such as the Vendée, the Autizes and smaller rivers such as the Sèvre and the Lay.

Enjoy a boat tour or cycling in the Marais Poitevin.

Whether with or without a guide, a boat ride through these green canals will allow you to discover a great wealth of flora and fauna.

We also love crossing the marshes by bike, cycling in a relaxing green landscape. We simply love to stay there to take the time to live...

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