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Explore Saintes, exceptional historic city

Discover Saintes, a city in Charente-Maritime which is steeped in history.

Rich in a history which has developed over 2,000 years, Saintes seduces you with its special atmosphere, rocked by the waves of the Charente.

Saintes, a "City of Art and History".

Saintes was most influential in the time of the Gallo-Romans. An important religious city, it is a leading Christian city, a step on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela. Today, the city carefully preserves the vestiges of its past and its monuments. As you wend your way around the city, you can visit: the Arch of Germanicus, the amphitheatre (the best preserved one on the Atlantic coast), the Abbaye-aux-Dames and La Basilique Saint Eutropius, all of which are famous monuments of Romanesque art.

The Archaeological Museum contains elements of ancient monuments, civil and religious, as well as many objects found during excavations, including a parade float from the first century.

Saintes, a city in which to live near the Charente.

Embark on a river cruise and see the city differently. The Saintongeaise capital is now a city with a southern atmosphere. Be captivated by its small gardens, secret passages and alleys with carved decorations.

In terms of entertainment, you will find typical festivals, reminiscent of the rich history of the city, such as the "Festival de Saintes", which takes place every year in July, in the Abbaye-aux-Dames.

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