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The most famous lighthouses on the coast

On the coast of the Charente-Maritime, you can visit 3 major lighthouses

  • The "Phare des Baleines" on the headland of Ile de Re
  • The "Phare de Chassiron" in Oléron
  • The "Phare de Cordouan" at the height of the estuary of the Gironde

The lighthouse of Cordouan is on the list of monuments and is one of the most beautiful lighthouses of France.

You must take a motor boat to get there. You will then be deposited on a sandbank which is above water at low tide lying and lies at the foot of the monument. Along the coast of the Charente are other lighthouses:

  • The lighthouse of la Coubre
  • The lighthouse of Chauveau
  • The row lighthouses of the island of Aix
  • The row lighthouses of the fairway of La Rochelle
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