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Discover La Rochelle, the capital of Charente-Maritime

Discover the city of La Rochelle and its incomparably relaxed lifestyle.

La Rochelle is a city to visit while on holiday. A quality environment is preserved in a unique tourist attraction.

La Rochelle, an authentic city in Charente-Maritime.

Nestled in the heart of the Atlantic coast, the ancient city of La Rochelle offers an idyllic setting. The city of La Rochelle has managed to preserve its unique architectural heritage, throughout its modernization cycle. Its maritime anchor has made this city an undeniable development asset for the region, in terms of economics, culture and tourism.

With 79,521 inhabitants, the city is one of the most attractive cities in mainland France from the point of view of tourism.

Looking for a campsite for friendly vacation? La Rochelle is the place for you

La Rochelle is a great place just to stroll around and see the many sights, so you’ll never be bored on holiday – take a trip to the heart of the old town with its pedestrian streets, sunbathe on the terraces at the old harbour with its famous towers, walk along the seaside or go out onto the sea to breathe in the sea air.

You can also vibrate to the rhythm of its artistic and cultural events, its many lively hotspots and its illustrious Francofolies festival. Feel free to discover this memorable city; book your camping place in La Rochelle and its surroundings for a few days or weeks. The proximity of the islands of Oléron and Ré make the city an excellent base camp for the holidays.

Go for a relaxing holiday, beside the ocean ?

The people of La Rochelle particularly appreciate this "unique quality of life", as do the seasonal visitors, even after a short stay in this charming town. Here, the ocean is omnipresent in the four ports of the city: the Vieux Port in the city centre, the Plaisance des Minimes port, the Commerce Pallice port and Chef de Baie fishing port.

La Rochelle is a real city of contrasts, partly due to its location on the Atlantic coast, whose architectural heritage is a reflection of the many influences involved in the creation of the city.

Sportier guests will enjoy the many opportunities in this important city, the heart of a region which is noted for its commitment to water sports at a national and international level.


For traveling, La Rochelle favours "clean" transport (self-service bicycles, electric shuttles, sea bus, electric cars ...) and for relaxation, the city has increased its natural areas (parks and gardens, Tasdon marshes, "Blue Flag" beach).

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