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Heritage sites in Charente-Maritime.

Rich in the diversity of its heritage sites, Charente-Maritime welcomes you to discover its history, its monuments and its culture.

Discover historical places, visit citadels, dungeons and castles and discover masterpieces from the Middle Ages. History awaits you in Charente-Maritime!

Heritage sites welcome you to the glorious past.

Here is a selection of some of the important places in Charente-Maritime which you will have the opportunity to discover:

Towering above the marshes, the ramparts of Brouage forms a journey of nearly 2km long in the form of a star. From these ramparts, you can see the ocean and marvel at the well-preserved buildings that made up the fortress. The architecture which is perfectly reflective of the period and which allows visitors to discover the powder magazine of Saint-Luc with its flying buttresses as well as their latrines and their water-drainage system. You will also discover underground ports, built into the side walls, which were used at the time to protect the goods. The city of Brouage organizes visits to trace the history of the city and to present its heritage. These can be enjoyed all year round.

Located in the town of Pons in Charente-Maritime, you will have the opportunity to visit the tower, which was formerly the dungeon of the Château du Pons, which is 33 meters high and the symbol of the city. This is one of the best preserved remains of the ramparts of Saintonge, offering a unique view of the Seugne Valley.

Discover the Châteaux of the Roche-Courbon, such as the Château de Crazannes. These historical monuments seduce you with their stories and sumptuous architectures.

Make absolutely sure to visit the Church of Saint-Pierre-de-Saintonge d'Aulnay in Charente-Maritime, a masterpiece of Poitevin Romanesque art of the twelfth century and a stop for pilgrims leaving for St. Jacques de Compostela in the Middle Ages. This church owes its reputation to its rich carved decoration and the balance of its proportions.

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