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Gastronomy in Charente-Maritime

Charente-Maritime, land of gastronomy.

New flavours, appetizing scents and colours that make your mouth water ... In Charente-Maritime, the local cuisine is rich and varied.

Oysters, mussels, crustaceans and fish are the specialties of the Charente-Maritime coast. A real treat!

Charente-Maritime has an environment conducive to the practice of fishing. The region offers fish and crustaceans calm and deep rivers and estuaries along the coast, which is ideal for their development.

Shrimp, crabs, green crabs and edible crabs are crustaceans which are found most frequently in water holes left by the tide. Also found in marshes, lots of Louisiana crayfish. Through the practice of sea fishing, the fishermen of Charente-Maritime bring ashore bars, sea bream, conger eels, stingrays and sardines. The rivers are, in turn, rich in carp, pike, barbell and zander.

Synonymous with tradition and quality, bouchot mussels are very famous for their tender and great-tasting orange flesh. Marennes-Oléron oysters are no less famous and can be enjoyed in all seasons. Their uniqueness lies in their unique flavour, which is obtained through their refining in what are known as “claires” (small basins dug in clay which replaced the salt marshes).

Finally, do not forget to leave room in your luggage for sea salt, typical of the Charente-maritime culture. This ensured the prosperity of the region until the 19th century. It is now focused on the salt marshes of the Ile de Ré and Marennes-Oléron. You can use it to enhance your recipes and meals, or enjoy it with radishes and tomatoes.

Markets, where gourmands meet

In Charente-Maritime, the markets located between land and sea are highly prized by chefs. They reflect the soul of the Charente-Maritime terroir and are very typical of the region. Discover the typical Charentais melon that give flavour to your summer meals and taste the mojhettes of Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult. These dwarf white beans, grown in the marshes between Rochefort and Marennes, can be purchased in all local markets.

Wines and spirits of Charente-Maritime

Charente-Maritime is also renowned for its wines and cognac.

Whether at a dinner in a restaurant or during a visit to the producers in the vineyards, to make the most of your stay, enjoy one of the flagship products of the region. Cognac, Pineau and local wines are the three pillars of the vineyards of Cognac and are known for their taste (to be enjoyed in moderation).

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