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Explore Rochefort, its port and its maritime arsenal

Discover the tourist town of Rochefort and its famous arsenal.

Welcome to Rochefort, a city proud of its maritime past, which annually attracts many tourists from around the world. Founded in 1666 under the direction of Colbert, Rochefort is the city which Louis XIV wanted to make the most beautiful maritime arsenal his kingdom.

Labelled "City of Art and History", with its place Colbert (the one shown in the Demoiselles), its arsenal and especially its famous Corderie Royale along the Charente, Rochefort, the city of Pierre Loti, is a place to discover on foot and popular with tourists. Make the most of an unusual journey that will appeal to children and adults by taking the last transporter bridge in France.

Discover the arsenal of Rochefort.

Situated at the mouth of the Charente, which we can cross thanks to the Transporter Bridge, the port of Rochefort has connected the city to the Atlantic Ocean for more than three centuries.

A truly strategic location sheltered by its islands (Ré, Oléron and Aix); Rochefort was chosen by Colbert and become the largest military arsenal in the kingdom of Louis XIV. Over 250 years, more than 350 ships were built, armed and maintained in Rochefort.

This past left many historical traces, particularly the Corderie Royale, which once manufactured, ropes for the Navy. This site, which has been completely renovated, now houses the International Centre of the Sea.

Not far away, you can visit the famous forms of Radoub that hosted the Hermione La Fayette frigate. The complete rebuilding of the beautiful and famous 3 masts, which were each 45 m long and were originally built in Rochefort in 1779, was carried out by the Arsenal of Rochefort between 1997 and 2014.

Experience the authentic charm of Rochefort city centre.

Very lively, the centre of Rochefort, (the location for "Young Girls of Rochefort" the famous musical by Jacques Demy), has an authentic charm. Located along one of the streets around the place Colbert, there is the house of Pierre Loti, the whimsical writer explorer, who made his home, an exuberant place in his image.

Make a stop on the Transporter Bridge, an unusual way of crossing the Charente.

The Transporter Bridge is used to connect the two banks of the Charente. You can take this historic bridge with its gondola suspended above the water. The bridge rests on two towers, 66 meters high and located on either side of the Charente. It is the only and last transporter bridge still in use in France.

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