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Discover Isle Madame in Charente-Maritime

The Isle Madame, a natural protected area.

The Isle Madame is the smallest of the Charente-Maritime islands. It is accessible only at low tide by a submersible road.

Explore the Isle Madame, a mysterious island

Very singular, the Isle Madame is accessible only at low tide by the "Passe aux Bœufs" a submersible track from Port-des-Barques which can be undertaken on foot or by car. Remember to check the tide times so as not to get stuck on Isle Madame!

The Isle Madame is located on the left bank of the Charente estuary between the Fouras peninsula and the island of Aix to the north, and the little oyster port of Port-des-Barques, of which administrative area it forms part. It faces the island of Oléron and the famous Fort Boyard.

Explore the Isle Madame, a paradise for fishermen

Conversely, you need to wait until the tide is high to use the boardwalk on stilts.

There is only one way to do the full tour of the Isle Madame. As you walk, you will come across small coves with lovely views over the Charente estuary and Fouras-les-Bains. Further south, a small sandy beach offers a unique perspective on this alignment of lift nets and the ocean.

Explore the Isle Madame, and its aquaculture farm

The aquaculture farm is the only one on the Isle Madame, please make the time to stop there, you will discover the salt culture in the salt marshes and sea asparagus... You will also enjoy delicious seafood.


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