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Discover the region of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes

Charente, the country of Pineau, Cognac and Charente wine

In Charente, cellars open their doors for you to discover new flavours. Charente is also a land of plenty, a place for the dolce vita, with a backdrop of vineyards encouraging rest and tranquillity.

Cognac comes from the best vineyards. The town of Cognac has become the capital of a world class business.

Transported on ships to Northern Europe and the produce of a quality vineyard, in the thirteenth century the wines of Poitou, La Rochelle and Angouleme began increasing the happiness of the English, the Dutch and the Scandinavians. Then, from the seventeenth century, they were transformed into eau-de-vie and enhanced in oak barrels to become Cognac.

The wines of Saintonge and Aunis were already known outside our borders, from the Middle Ages. The Dutch shipped them through Charentes to distil them and transform them into burnt wine "brandy". With the passage of time, Cognac developed its reputation.

Eau-de-vie of wine, cognac comes from three grape varieties: Ugni Blanc (98% of production), Folle Blanche and Colombard.

Pineau des Charentes, an unlikely alliance of grape juice and brandy.

Pineau has made its name over the course of four centuries and today it is a great aperitif and dessert wine. Pineau des Charentes is a unique combination of the must of grapes and a young cognac. It combines the sweetness of one with the fierceness of the other, to give birth to a tasty mix.

It is in 1589 that Pineau appeared for the first time. A clumsy grower fell into a barrel of eau de vie de cognac, that is to say grape must. The worker, furious at his clumsiness, left the barrel in the corner. The years passed until one day, after a very abundant harvest, the winemaker had to empty the barrel for reuse and there he discovered that a miraculous transformation had taken place. He was the first person to taste Pineau, liquid, clear, fruity and colourful.

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